Hens’ Teeth format is of a comic line-up which changes nightly, with some regulars and some “tryouts.”

The performers you may or may not see include:

Dame Kate Harcourt, Pinky Agnew, Helen Moulder, Rose Beauchamp, Prue Langbein, Darian Takle,
April Phillips, Tracy Savage, Sarah Harper, Cat Zulver,
Jane Keller, Helen Fletcher, Georgie Silver,
Fingal Pollock, Fe Day, Margaret Austin, Ashleigh Hume, Susan Gordon, Feather Unsure, Cathie Sheat,
Angela Fouhy, Caroline Welkin, Isobel McKinnon, Madeline MacNamara, Carrie Green,
and the Crows Feet Dance Collective.

Producer: Kate JasonSmith
Lighting Whiz: Lisa Maule
Stage Manager: Jocelyn O’Kane & Honey
Publicity Hound: Susan Gordon
Illustration: Donna Cross

Each show lasts about 90 minutes (plus a 20 minute interval)

Kate JasonSmith
Creator & Producer, Hens’ Teeth.