Dame Kate Harcourt as “Maud Hornby”

“Hens Teeth … had them laughing until the tears rolled.”   – Dominion

“The best laughter with the most thought behind it that I have enjoyed for years.” – Dominion Sunday Times

“I can’t remember when I last laughed so loudly and for so long!” – Agenda

“… brilliantly trod the giddy comic knife-edge of taboo, fantasy and stunningly accurate observation.” – The Stage, London

“They are quite simply superb.” – Evening Post

“All praise the silly sisterhood. They’re alive and absurd in Aotearoa.”  – Adelaide Advertiser

“… terribly funny.”  – Broadsheet

” Hens’ Teeth are a joy to behold.” – The New Zealand Herald

“Nothing could have prepared me for this show.” – Taranaki Daily News

“Hens’ Teeth will not fail to make you laugh.” – Waikato Times

“If laughter is the best medicine, Hens’ Teeth is certainly the flavour to cure all ills.” – Capital Times

“The evening was a gem.” – Queenstown Mirror

“If you want to see highly talented women being really funny, this is the one for you.” – City Voice

“The packed house rocked with laughter.”  – Hastings Daily Telegraph

“The funniest show in years.”  – Kapiti Observer

“A rare treat from an inspirational talent.”  – Southland Times

“No one with a sense of humour can afford to miss it.”  – Herald-Tribune

“They are quite simply superb. …the highest praise I can bestow.” – Evening Post

“…simultaneously brilliant & disturbing” – Capital Times

“…precisely observed and pleasurable to watch.” – Dominion.

“The best local comedy seen in Wellington (in 2001) … from the wonderful Hens’ Teeth, who returned with a quiverful of pointed sketches.” – The Listener.